Entry #1

"Be aware! Big things are happening."

2015-10-29 08:45:07 by SpazeOfficial


(!) Check out my other account for more music: SpazeUnofficial



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2016-02-17 21:53:51

I will defiantly listen to your music on Spotify especially your latest song Light Years Away it's my favorite! But dude. Maybe a collab?

(Updated ) SpazeOfficial responds:

Yay! :D
Oh, I've made more than these. That track is from 2011. The thing is that I've only managed to finish one album. My new tracks will be available here and on Spotify once my second album is completed. Demos of 5 of my new tracks are already available at my other newgrounds account: SpazeUnofficial. And also LOTS of other, unofficial, tracks.
No collabs, sorry. Thanks for the offer, though.


2016-07-17 17:31:12

any new projects on the way? been a while :/

SpazeOfficial responds:

Check out my other account (SpazeUnofficial), it has a lot of unofficial releases but also some new official ones. I'm even about to upload a new track later today! :D